15 June 2011

Alfresco, insect repelling skincare products

Alfresco create products that combine work to improve the condition of skin while providing insect repellent. The moisturiser contains botanical extracts of cinnamon leaf oil, patchouli oil and cedarwood oil to repel insects. This natural moisturiser helps to protect skin from bites, but also acts as a skin conditioner, to protect the body’s natural moisture barrier. The moisturiser is priced £25.00 for 200ml and is also available as a travel size. The Acqua D’Alfresco natural perfume also has a blend of cinnamon, patchouli and cedarwood. which repel insects from attacking the neck, ankles and exposed areas. This is priced at £30.00 for 50ml and is also available in a travel size. Alfresco is available from John Bell & Croydon and online:

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