06 July 2011

The Huffington Post launches

The UK version of The Huffington Post is now live, edited by Carla Buzasi (nee Bevan) also editor-in-chief of AOL Europe, Carla leads an initial team of ten editors and writers, with further support from the wider AOL editorial team in the UK, as well as The Huffington Post team in the United States. The Huffington Post UK platform will give British bloggers the opportunity to showcase work to readers globally. High profile bloggers already lined up to contribute through the site include Tony Blair, Jeremy Hunt and Sarah Brown as well as comedy and entertainment luminaries such as Ricky Gervais, Tracey Ullman and Imogen Edwards-Jones. The team consists of political editor Chris Wimpress, a former political correspondent for BBC Radio 4; news editor Jacqui Head, Caroline Frost, entertainment editor, Libby banks, style editor and lifestyle editor Georgia James.