08 March 2012

Superdrug introduces Mole Clinics and Skin Cancer Risk Assessments this Summer

This Summer Superdrug is partnering with Teenage Cancer Trust on a sun safety campaign, Shunburn, and introducing Mole Clinics in 19 stores as well as free Skin Cancer Risk Assessments in 213 stores. Since Superdrug launched its mole check service with registered nurses in 2007, over 7,500 mole checks have been performed, and nearly 9,000 moles referred for further specialist investigation. The one to one mole check consultations are available in 19 stores across the country offering customers clinical expertise and technology in diagnosing skin cancer. The service is provided by fully trained nurse specialists offering direct and rapid access to primary care skin cancer screenings and diagnostic services on the high street. It features Digital Dermoscopy, a non-invasive technique which captures highly magnified images of moles and offers previously unseen views beneath the surface of a mole. Digital images called TeleDerm can also be retained to compare with future images to identify any abnormal changes. Suspect moles are referred in accordance with guidelines published by NICE and the British Association of Dermatologists. Full body screenings are available for £95, single mole checks are available for £30 which includes a TeleDerm image and additional moles are charged £20 per image. All Superdrug’s nurses and pharmacists in 213 stores also offer a melanoma risk assessment service for free by going through a five minute consultation and evaluation with customers.

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