11 May 2012

Dr Daniel Sister introduces Detox Defence
& Immune Defence Infusions

Dr Daniel Sister, anti-ageing expert at BeautyWorksWest, has created the Detox Defence Infusion and the Immune Defence Infusion. The new infusions combat the effects of working, drinking too much and generally being run down, enabling users to feel better within 24 hours. They are both a mix of Medical compounded cocktail of vitamins that are intravenously injected into the body which prevents destruction by intestinal acids in the digestive progress. The Detox Defence Infusion treatment is for people who are constantly tired, low of energy, have been drinking or smoking too much and are in need of a body detox. The Immune Defence Infusion is for those feeling tired, run down, weak, have constant infections, viruses or illness (catching colds etc), have asthma, allergies as well as for people who have been through chemotherapy or had serious illnesses. Each treatments can be given with or without pre-tests – the test cost is £700 and the actual Infusions are £700 a treatment. Depending on the severity of the immune system or how toxic the body is, the treatments can be repeated a number of times and Dr Sister can also tailor make the Medical cocktails to suit each client.

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