28 June 2012

Lush introduces debut cosmetic collection

Lush is launching its first ever make-up range next month, Emotional Brilliance, which is comprised of 30 products which are all vegan. The Emotional Brilliance Colour Wheel (pictured above) allows users to get a personalised colour reading. The customer chooses three colours that stand out to them, which are each linked to certain words, such as Confident, Take Control or Glamourous, thus revealing the customer's current state of mind. Lush co-founder and inventor of Emotional Brilliance, Rowena Bird comments:"The colour that represents your strength you wear where you want to accentuate this. The colour that resonates with your subconcious need - what your subconcious desires the most - you should wear to remind yourself that you need this. And the colour that represents your talent, you should wear to help achieve your subconcious need'. The range consists of lip colours, eyeliners and eyeshadows, each priced at £14.50.

As well as the Colour Wheel, Lush will introduce Eyes Right Mascara, Translucent Face Powder and Skin Tints, each priced at £12 (pictured above). The Skin Tints are available in 'Feeling Younger', containing a pigment which works as a reflector on the skin; and Charisma, a blend of golden colours to wear under make-up to give the skin a glow. The new Emotional Brilliance collection from Lush will be available worldwide from 21 July in all Lush stores and online.

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