25 July 2012

Sophy Robson partners with P&G to provide nail
services at London 2012 Olympics

International nail stylist Sophy Robson has partnered with P&G to provide nail services at this year's London 2012 Olympics. Situated in both on and off site grooming salons, Sophy was asked to design a nail menu of 214 country flag designs and make sure her team of 18 team are trained to apply them. The flags will be painted on athletes and visitors who are part of the events. Pictured here is an image of 10 of the Flag designs for UK, Jamaica, The Philippines, Turkey, Germany, South Africa, Brazil, South Africa, India, The United States and France Image by Denis Shklovsky.

Sophy Robson comments: "I was honoured to be asked to do nails at this years Olympics in the UK. To be a part of such a historical and once in a lifetime event is an opportunity you can not miss. I have also become fascinated by some of the unique designs on some of the country's flags and how I could translate them on to a nail surface. Seeing them come to life on the Athletes and visitors at the Olympic Village makes me too proud for words."

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