23 November 2012

Givenchy announces new lipstick & nail collection for 2013

Givenchy is launching the new signature Le Rouge lipsticks and Le Vernis nail varnishes in February next year. The Le Rouge formula strengthens the dermal structure, accentuating the curve of the lips. It also contains beeswax for a rich texture and hyaluronic acid microspheres to redensify and moisturise. The lipsticks are available in three different palettes of four shades each: Les Naturels, a selection of nude tones; Les Roses, vintage lace to bright fuchsia; and Les Créations, four signature shades including magnolia, mandarin and garnet. Givenchy's new generation Le Vernis formula gives nails a layer of glossy, intense colour with a single coat. Each square-shaped glass bottle features a silver cap stamped with the 4G logo. The nail varnish collection houses seven shades inspired by Haute Couture fabrics, such as tulle, silky pink and purple, along with a clear Top and Base Coat. Le Vernis Givenchy shades are £14.50 each, while the Le Rouge lipsticks are £24.00 each. Both collections will be available from February 2013.

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