26 November 2012

Xen-Tan introduces Luminous Gold Gel & Moroccan Tan

Sel-tanning brand Xen-Tan has introduced two new products, the Luminous Gold Gel and the Moroccan Tan. The Luminous Gold Gel gives an instant sheen and three hours later develops into a rich, golden colour. Skin is left highly moisturised with a sparkling finish thanks to gold shimmer flecks that sit on the skin. The Moroccan Tan is an innovative liquid lotion, containing Argan Oil, which instantly moisturises before gradually developing into a deep olive colour. This is scented with tropical coconut and dries instantly after application. The new Xen-Tan products, both priced £24.99 for 150ml, are available via the brand's website.
www.xen-tan.co.uk / @XenTan_UK

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