13 August 2013

LOVE IS ART launches in the UK

The LOVE IS ART kit has just launched in the UK, allowing couples to make an abstract painting while making love. Founded by South-African born artist, Jeremy Brown, the LOVE IS ART kit includes everything a couple needs to create an abstract painting while being intimate with one another. Jeremy developed the appropriate materials to ensure a safe project, including a specially-treated cotton canvas and all natural, non-toxic paint. Covering all bases, the kit also includes a painters tarp to protect surfaces from paint splatters, disposable slippers to make a clean walk from the canvas to the shower and even a body scrubber. There are nine editions to choose from, with two different canvas colors (black and white) and an array of flat and metallic paint colors. After the masterpiece is complete, the canvas is ready to be stretched. There are special stretcher bars available on the site and a tutorial video where Brown demonstrates how to stretch the final painting. Prices range from £45 to £55 with the kits available from the website.

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