28 October 2013

Luxury lifestyle magazine International eXcellence launches

International eXcellence is a new print, online and mobile magazine from The eXcellence Group. Aimed at international ultra/high-net worth in the UK and abroad, the new magazine presents news, original articles, imagery, fashion photography and videos covering the arts, food, fashion, beauty, culture, technology and sport. It also offers a large online luxury social events diary and will present awards in excellence for the best luxury brands, innovations, artists, entrepreneurs and experiences. Interested parties should contact Managing Director and editor Yves Viscount de Contades to put forward event dates, content, images, video or present a product/person of excellence. In addition, beauty and food editor Levanah Reyes-Wainwright is currently working on a ‘Beauty Sleep in a Bottle’ feature for the magazine and an online gallery of ‘Gourmet Yoghurts’; brands and PRs should submit suggestions for inclusion directly to Lavanah via email.

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