28 November 2013

New HydraFacial treatments launch at Karidis MediSpa

Cosmetic Surgeon Alex Karidis has introduced The HydraFacial Backless Beauty Treatment, from £180, and The HydraFacial Skin Detox Facial, £150, which are both available at Karidis Medispa. Both new treatments use a new lymphatic drainage tip which allows natural drainage of toxic fluids, which if built up, can create puffy, dull and generally unhealthy skin. The skin purifying treatment enables skin to be detoxed from inside and out, leaving skin in optimum health, while the microcirculation of the skin improves, increasing oxygen uptake which in turn helps the skin cells work to their full potential. Information on stockists and HydraFacial clinic locations is available via the website.

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