23 January 2014

Guerlain reveals new Blanc de Perle make-up & skincare

Beauty brand Guerlain has announced the addition of a number of products to its Blanc de Perle line. A Sleeping Mask, the first whitening mask for night-time, delivers concentrated action on dark spots. Guerlain's new Whitening Essence concentrates the power of Melanin Control Technology, reducing the intensity, size and number of dark spots, while slowing the formation of new ones. The Whitening Day & Night Treatment protects the skin against UV rays in the day, while targeting dark spots overnight. Also new to the collection is the Radiance Booster Sculpting & Brightening Foundation, which includes three shades; and Meteorites, powder pearls which are now available in a blend of matte, rosy and radiant white pearls, combined with corrective coloured pearls. The new range will be available on counter nationwide from 28 February.

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