30 January 2014

New online news outlet The Philosophers' Mail launches

The Philosophers' Mail is a new online news outlet written entirely by philosophers. Focused on gossip, celebrity, crime & politics, the title is edited by Richard Addis (formerly executive editor of the Daily Mail and editor-in-chief of the Daily Express), while the editorial team is led by philosopher Alain de Botton. The aim of the Philosophers’ Mail is to provide a popular news outlet with a philosophical spin. Stories include features on a double suicide, Miley Cyrus, a paedophile teacher, Gwyneth Paltrow's marriage, a fireball on the runway, but with a spin in the direction of traditional philosophical interests: calm, complexity, dignity and wisdom. Some of the theory behind The Philosophers' Mail was developed in a new book by Alain de Botton called ‘The News: A User’s Manual’, published by Hamish Hamilton.

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