21 March 2014

Beauty brand Oxygenetix launches in the UK & appoints PR

LA-based breathable make-up brand Oxygenetix has appointed Emma Bracey-Wright to handle its trade and consumer communications and official UK launch. Founder Barry Knapp and the Oxygenetix team have a combined 160 years of cosmetic and medical expertise to create Oxygenating Foundations. Containing the patent-pending ceravitae complex, Oxygenetix increases oxygen uptake, while promoting collagen production and connective tissue growth. The brand's foundations heal, conceal and rejuvenate post-procedure skin, eliminating scars and is used by doctors, dermatologists, make-up artists and celebrities worldwide. For maximum benefit, the Oxygenating Moisturiser, containing the same ‘breathable’ ceravitae complex, can be used before application of the Oxygenating Foundations to increase hydration. It soothes, hydrates, reduces redness and fights free-radical damage.

Twitter: @oxygenetix

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