02 April 2014

EDITORIAL REQUEST: hair & beauty magazine
seeks bridal, tanning & summer news

The co-founder of an online hair and beauty magazine seeks news for three upcoming features:
  • Bridal hair and beauty - seeking make-up artists, hairstylists and brands to get involved for an in-depth look at the modern bride - including 'get the looks' and 'how-to's', bridal imagery, hair and beauty trends, and expert quotes. The deadline is the 9 April.
  • Tanning feature - looking for scrubs, self-tans, gradual tans, instant tans and tan illuminating products. The deadline is the 11 April.
  • Summer prep - seeking products for face, hair and body that can be used when getting ready for a holiday, as well as at-home last minute prep and travel kit essentials. The deadline is the 16 April.
Please send any relevant information to the co-founder directly via the link below.

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