21 August 2014

Juice cleanse brand Fruveju appoints AD Publicity

AD Publicity has been appointed to handle the press and publicity for organic juice cleanse brand Fruveju. Founded in London in 2013, the brand delivers certified organic cold-pressed juices and nut milk smoothies to customers daily, nationwide. The brand does not use High Pressure Process (HPP) to extend shelf life and all juices are made using a Norwalk Hydralulic Press. Each Cleanse begins with a three day pre-cleanse diet, allowing for six 500ml bottles to be consumed a day, allowing for the digestive system to rest and nutrients to provide cells with vitamins and minerals. Once the juice cleanse days are over users follow a five day post-cleanse diet. Celebrity fans of the brand include Miranda Kerr and Ellie Goulding, to name a few.

Twitter: @fruveju

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