22 September 2014

Nuvo Origins launches in the UK & appoints PR

Summersby Media has been appointed to handle the press and publicity for hair loss brand Nuvo Origins by Halo Hair Genetics. The brand, which launches in the UK this autumn, is a clinical solution to hair loss which is proven to not only stop hair loss completely but to also stimulate hair growth. Originally developed by a US scientist to combat hair loss for cancer patients, Nuvo Origins contains 100% natural ingredients with 20 years of published research to prove that there are absolutely no identified negative side effects. Suitable for both men and women, Nuvo Origins works by blocking DHT reaching the hair follicles. DHT is the hormone that triggers male and female pattern hair loss, which means hair loss simply stops. In addition, it contains ingredients to tackle inflammation of the scalp, hair and follicles; another major cause of hair loss. Nuvo Origins is a two-phase treatment. Firstly, an Activator Serum is applied to the area of hair loss daily. Secondly, an oral dietary supplement in the form of a daily tablet aids the process. Nuvo Origins is available online at nuvohair.com and leading salons, priced at £39.95 for a 30 day supply.

Twitter: @NuvoOrigins

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