17 November 2014

Airbnb launches glossy magazine Pineapple

Worldwide accommodations website Airbnb has announced the launch of its new magazine, Pineapple. Harnessing Airbnb’s global community, the magazine will act as a platform for insider tips and local viewpoints from neighbourhoods across the globe. Pineapple will cover a wide variety of topics such as culture, art, food and style. Each issue will showcase three different cities through the lens of local community members and travelers. The featured cities in the first issue will be London, Seoul, and San Francisco. Each of the aforementioned cities is revealed through a photo essay, neighbourhood study, home story, micro-community analysis and the profile of a local. The stories and features are accompanied by captivating illustrations, graphics and photography. Airbnb plans to publish content quarterly, with opportunities for both online and printed editions. The company will distribute 18,000 copies of Pineapple for free to its hosts globally, and a limited number of copies will be for sale in specialty bookstores, newsstands and boutiques across North America and Europe.

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