27 November 2014

Racinne to launch Delicare Perfection Series collection

Korean skincare brand Racinne has announced the launch of Delicare Perfection. The formula uses the ingredient hexapeptide Delisens to break the cycle of inflammation. Unlike other sensitive skin products, Delicare Perfection minimises the chances of flare up and helps to calm a reactive skin that has already been aggravated. Products soothe the skin and reduce redness, itching and burning. In addition, the Delicare series contains pro-active ingredients, including: shea butter to heal to soothe the skin, squalene and panthenol to hydrate and moisturise, skin brightening peptides and nourishing adenosine to keep the skin healthy.

Launch date: spring 2015
Prices: t.b.c
Stockists: racinne.co.uk
Twitter: @RacinneUK

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