28 January 2015

Eyelash expert Daxita Vahhela launches Russian Lashes

Eyelash expert Daxita Vahhela has announced the launch of her Russian Lashes service. The lashes are more intense and volumising than her Classic Lashes but still weightless and natural looking. Daxita takes a bespoke approach, taking into account every characteristic of her client and altering the length and shade accordingly. Up to six synthetic Mink Lashes are applied to each natural lash, while Russian Lashes are made of a much finer grade but are still available in a range of curls, colours and lengths. The finished result is around 250 lashes extensions applied to each eye. Prices start at £130 for Maintenance, while a half set is priced at £250 and a full set at £325. Daxita will also be launching her Russian Lashes service at Michaeljohn, Medi-Spa in Belgravia at the beginning of February.

Twitter: @Vdaxita

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