30 January 2015

Pioneering skincare brand KITA announces launch

KITA is a new skincare brand which offers a new approach to skincare and draws on the ancient Oriental philosophy of the Five Elements to achieve radiant skin and balance in a modern lifestyle. According to the Five Elements philosophy, everyone belongs to one dominant element, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water and responds to inner and external energies differently. Your element is defined by certain characteristics and sensitivities and when imbalanced, it is the skin that often suffers. KITA works to retune and restore energy equilibrium, resulting in radiant skin. KITA launches with a Moisturising Serum Complex presented in five SKUs. Each serum has been created with the highest quality ingredients to balance one of the Five Elements and offers a new, tailored approach to skincare. Founder Chiara Vania comes from a family of doctors and her father Michele is well regarded in Italy for using the philosophy of the Five Elements alongside bio-resonance therapy and traditional western medicine. He provides a 360° diagnosis and treatment, with each case treated as completely unique and individual. It is this combination of holistic and scientific methodologies that provides the foundation for this pioneering approach to skincare that KITA calls LIFE INFUSION SEQUENCE and that results in products that work in harmony with the individual and their skin. Products are available to purchase from the brand's website where the visitor can discover their own element.

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