12 February 2015

ABC announces latest figures for consumer titles

ABC has today unveiled highlights from the latest round of ABC figures for its brands reporting in the period July to December 2014, for both print and digital editions.

Condé Nast:
Vogue announces a new circulation of 200,141, a 1% increase period-on-period. Vogue will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2016. House & Garden's new figures are 116,012, up 0.6% period-on-period in UK. Brides, the UK’s number one bridal magazine, posts an ABC of 45,483, maintaining a healthy lead over its closest competitor. Tatler announces a new ABC of 84,218, a 1.2% increase, with UK actively purchased up by 3.3% year-on-year. The World of Interiors announces new figures of 58,044, this is an increase of 4.4% in UK. GQ posts an ABC of 125,090, an increase of 5.9% period-on-period and 2.7% year-on-year. Vanity Fair's new figures total 90,034, up 0.02% year-on-year. Condé Nast Traveller announces an ABC of 78,060, up 1.6% in UK actively purchased copies and up 2.7% in total actively purchased copies year-on-year. Glamour remains the sector leader for the 26th consecutive period, posting ABC figures of 405,053, up 1%. Sales of digital editions continue to grow, up 2.7% period-on-period. Wired has a new ABC of 54,024, with digital edition sales up 2.2% period-on-period and 1.2% year on year. LOVE and GQ Style are each biannual, so no ABC is filed.

Time Inc. UK:
Country Life's circulation has risen by 1% since 2013 with an ABC of 39,132. InStyle has a combined print and digital ABC of 151,584 growing 3% on the period and 3.5% on the year. woman&home retains its position as the third biggest-selling glossy magazine and is the second highest-selling women’s monthly on the UK newsstand, where it has increased sales by 0.5% on the year. Its combined print and digital ABC has reached 351,717, including a print increase of 1.7% on the period. Essentials reports a combined ABC of 108,320, up 1.4% year-on-year. In the weekly market, Woman and Woman’s Own’s combined total print lifestyle sector share is 54.5%, up 1.5% on the year. Woman has an ABC of 252,627. Woman’s Weekly posts a 0.1% year-on-year print sales increase to deliver a total print ABC of 307,315 and retains its number one position in the traditional market. With a combined ABC of 187,509. Ideal Home retains its position as the biggest-selling title in the market and Livingetc, reporting a combined ABC of 92,224, while What’s on TV retains its position as the second biggest TV title and reports steady growth up 2% period-on-period and 0.7% year-on-year, to deliver a combined ABC of 1,058,855. TV Times reports a combined ABC of 237,835, up 4.2% on the period.

Cosmopolitan has revealed ABC figures of 252,231 for print and 5,494 for digital. Country Living's new figures are 180,135 with digital reaching an ABC of 2,487. ELLE posted its growth of 5.3% period-on-period, with an online reach increase by 83%, with an average 1.2 million unique users a month. ELLE has a combined social media reach of over six million. ELLE Decoration, the world’s leading homes magazine, maintains its total combined ABC of 70,009. ELLE Decoration Country has e-commerce plans in development for 2015. Esquire has reported ABC figures of 52,918 for print and 5,658 for digital. Britain's biggest-selling lifestyle magazine Good Housekeeping has an increased ABC figure of 416,413 for its print edition, while the digital edition shows figures of 3,162. Harper’s Bazaar reports a period-on-period 3% growth, with figures of 109,178 for print and 2,513 for digital. House Beautiful announces a new ABC of 121,850 for print and 1,076 for digital. Men’s Health has announced figures of 190,666 for print and 9,490 for digital, one of the largest in the UK. Red magazine has a stable period-on-period ABC, with figures of 188,611 for print and 3,826 for digital. Women’s Health notes the fifth consecutive increase since the brand’s launch in February 2012. With figures of 112,949 for print and 5,169 for digital, the combined sales have grown 2.3% period-on-period and a resounding 5.0% year-on-year. Prima grew 2.7% year on year, recording a combined print and digital ABC of 267,779. In the weekly sector, All About Soap has announced ABC figures of 51,341 for print and 439 for digital. Best magazine announces a new ABC of 195,204 for print and 223 for digital. UK’s No1 soap title Inside Soap has released figures of 131,145 for print and 1,982 for digital. Real People posts a period-on-period increase of +3.0% with figure of 174,827 for print and 332 for digital. Reveal reports ABC figures of 159,777 for print and 1,133.

Shortlist Media:
ShortList announces a new ABC of 500,449, comparing to a figure of 534,692 for the same period in 2013. Stylist reports a figure of 400,303, versus 435,975 for the same period in 2013.

Bauer Media:
heat has reported a combined total of 204, 917 for print and digital. Closer continues to be the highest selling full price standalone title in the celebrity weekly market and announces a combined figure of 298,760 for print and digital. Grazia announces new figures of 154, 036 for print and digital; while Yours has announced figures of 270,010 for its print edition. Britain's only men’s weekly lifestyle magazine Zoo has seen growth with figures of 32, 449, for both print and online. Empire unveils print and digital ABC figures of 142, 402, dominating the film market outselling the nearest competitor by over two to one.

Hubert Burda Media UK:
Wedding announces a new ABC of 18,121 for print and 198 for digital. Wedding Flowers posts ABC figures of 13,059 for print and 987 for digital. Your Home has announced figures of 119,372 for print and 900 for digital.

Dennis Publishing:    
Health & Fitness announces a new ABC of 15,064 for print and 1,270 for digital, while Men's Fitness ABC figures are 45,799.

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