12 February 2015

Pantone unveils Fashion Color Report for Fall 2015

Pantone, the authority on global colour, has announced its Fashion Color Report for Fall 2015, a comprehensive overview of designers' use of colour in their upcoming collections. Released to coincide with New York Fashion Week, the report features the top 10 colours for women's and men's fashion for autumn 2015, along with designer sketches and inspiration. The top colours are: Pantone 16-0110 Desert Sage (cool greenish grey), Pantone 18-4214 Stormy Weather (cool overcast grey), Pantone 16-1144 Oak Buff (golden yellow), Pantone 17-0627 Dried Herb (olive green), Pantone 18-1438 Marsala (wine red-brown), Pantone 18-4726 Biscay Bay (teal), Pantone 15-1340 Cadmium Orange (warm orange), Pantone 16-2215 Cashmere Rose (soft pink), Pantone 19-4326 Reflecting Pond (cool blue) and Pantone 17-3628 Amethyst Orchid (purple). The complete report can be viewed here. The colours featured in the Fashion Color Report are culled from the Pantone Fashion, Home and Interiors Color System, the most widely used and recognised colour standards system for fashion, textile, home and interior design. Each season, Pantone surveys the designers of New York Fashion Week and beyond to learn about prominent collection colours, colour inspiration and colour philosophy. This information is used to create the report, which serves as a reference tool throughout the year for fashion enthusiasts, reporters and retailers.

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