13 February 2015

Shiseido to launch new sunscreen collection

Beauty brand Shiseido has announced the launch of its new collection of sunscreen, which has taken 10 years to develop. This is the first major development in suncare technology since Shiseido were the first brand to develop UVA protection formulas back in 1986. The formula contains a stabilised form of Ionic Mineral Sensor, which contains negative ions. These negative ions bond powerfully with the positive ions found in minerals in water and perspiration to create a highly water-repellent layer. The Ionic Mineral Sensor recruits the minerals in the water and perspiration to become part of the water-repellent layer that makes the UV-protective veil even stronger. Products featured in the range include: Expert Sun Aging Protection Lotion (100ml) and Expert Sun Aging Protection Cream (50ml), which are both available in SPF 30 and 50+.

Launch date: May
Prices: £30-£32
Stockists: nationwide
Twitter: @Shiseido_UK

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