24 March 2015

Parfums Givenchy to launch Le Rouge-À-Porter

Parfums Givenchy has announced the launch of Le Rouge-À-Porter, a new lip balm that comes two years after the launch of the Le Rouge Givenchy lipstick. The product offers a balance between lipstick and lip care, with a new formula that nourishes lips while providing a sheer colour. Packaged in a real leather case, it is available in a range of 16 colours across three colour categories: Les Naturels, from powdery beiges to pale browns; Les Roses, which range from Rose Aristocrate to Corail Décolleté; and Les Créations, bold shades from an intense vermillion to mocha.

Launch date: April
Price: £25.00
Stockists: nationwide
Twitter: @parfumsgivenchy

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