29 April 2015

Melvita to launch Nectar Bright Brightening Concentrate

Skincare brand Melvita has announced the launch of its Nectar Bright Brightening Concentrate, a dark spot treatment which helps skin to immediately regain its brightness. This light translucent gel has a dropper that allows for precision when dispensing over pigmented areas. In addition the the patented 5 white flowers complex, the formula contains a new extract in order to target dark sports, a seaweed ingredient that is obtained from the brown alga ascophyllum nodosum. Nectar Bright Brightening Concentrate slow downs melanin synthesis through the inhibition of the tyrosinase enzyme, increases melanin elimination, stimulates the natural skin exfoliation and inhibits melanin pigmentation through an anti-free radical action.

Launch date: 4 May
Price: £38 (30ml)
Stockists: nationwide
Twitter: @MelvitaUK

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