07 May 2015

barrecore launches new nutritional & exercise
programme barreNOURISH + TONE

London-based health, fitness and wellbeing centre barrecore has announced the launch of barreNOURISH + TONE, its new nutritional, fitness and supplement programme designed to help those to understand their own body type and implement lasting changes. The new programme help clients achieve their weight-loss and fitness objectives, but also radically improves their attitude and relationship with food. The barreNOURISH + TONE experts are bio-signature modulation qualified, a system of measuring the way a person’s fat is stored as an indication of their hormonal profile, and provide sustainable solutions that work for those living in London and Manchester. Each programme comes with a specially written barreNOURISH + TONE booklet which, along with weekly follow-up nutrition and private training sessions, will help carefully guide clients through the programme, including hints and tips for the two week cleanse and recommendations on supplements. The programmes are bespoke to the individual and comprise of a six week package.

Twitter: @barrecore

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