11 May 2015

Dr Maryam Zamani to launch Tri-Eye treatments

Dr Maryam Zamani has announced the launch of her new Tri-Eye treatments, offering clients high-tech, anti-ageing treatments for the delicate eye area. The Tri Eye treatment combines three different aesthetic procedures to give clients the natural, rested appearance. Clients are given the option of the Tri! Eye Rejuvenation treatment or the Tri Eye Transformation treatment, which both provide a lifted and refreshed appearance. The treatment combines botox, filler and ultherapy and is suitable for clients in their early 30s to 50s. Clients will see the initial effects immediately after the treatment with the full results appearing over two to three months as the new collagen works to lift and tighten the skin. Only one session of ultherapy is needed, with top-ups of botox and filler recommended every six months.

Launch date: June
Prices: from £1700
Stockist: Cadogan Clinic
Twitter: @DrMaryamZamani

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