15 May 2015

Medisico launches BodyFaceCouture
express aesthetic treatments

Medisico has announced the launch of new BodyFaceCouture express aesthetic treatments, using Omniface radio frequency technology. The Omniface radio frequency (RF) energy treatment is a non-surgical, non-invasive aesthetic technique for improving skin tightness and reducing wrinkles, loose or sagging skin. By gently heating the subdermal tissue, Omniface activates natural healing mechanisims that form new collagen and fibroblasts. A single treatment activates these mechanisms for months, during which new collagen forms to fill in fine lines and builds up the subdermal layer. With non invasive techniques and using dual modality radio-frequency technology operated by expert, highly trained and fully accredited clinicians normally associated with Harley Street, the range of treatments available cover the entire body. Medisico clinics are located in 24 locations across the UK and are the exclusive providers of BodyFaceCouture treatments, which start at £179.

Twitter: @bodyfacecouture

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