14 May 2015

New Beauty Product Launches

  • Nailberry - new nail care accessories including Coconut Nailbalm (£12), which promotes the growth of healthy nails and cuticles with an infusion of coconut, jojoba and olive oil extracts and a natural bees wax and coconut fragrance; and Miracle Corrector Pen (£11.50), which helps rejuvenate tired, damaged nails, while softening cuticles with a 100% acetone free formula infused with natural oils and raspberry extracts. Both are available from nailberry.co.uk. Click here for PR contact.
  • RMS Beauty - two new brushes available at Urban Retreat Harrods. Skin2skin Foundation Brush (£30) uses dual technology with varying length bristles that are tightly layered in a swirl pattern; while the Skin2skin Blush Brush (£28) is ultra-soft and does not pick up any foundation that has already been applied, giving an airbrushed effect. Both brushes are free of animal hair and are vegan. Click here for PR contact.
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