16 June 2015

D Public Relations (DPR) announces new client wins

D Public Relations (DPR) has announced a number of new client wins: Luckies of London, which was founded by Jim Cox in 2005, initially sourcing items from around the globe to sell in the UK, and now designs and makes innovative, quality gift products; Victoria Eggs, a lifestyle brand that offers products kitchen, homeware, gifts, bags and card products; Life Charms, the gifting jewellery brand which features original vintage card designs and motto's and messages; Magicup, which offers a portable barista cup available in 20 designs with anti-spill technology, while also being thermally insulated; Betty Whitehouse, a family business producing a selection of highly fragranced candles and diffusers; and Slimmeria, a specially designated retreat for people to lose weight in East-Sussex.

Twitter: @luckiesoflondon / @VictoriaEggs / @lifecharmsuk / @magicup_launch / @BettyWLondon / @slimmeria

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