01 June 2015

Google & Levi's team up to create smart clothing

Google has announced that it is working with US jean maker Levi Strauss to make clothing from specially woven fabric with touch-screen control capabilities. Project Jacquard aims to crack the historical limitations of wearables. Casual inputs such as swipes and taps are sent wirelessly to a connected device and can be mapped to phone functionality (e.g. music playback, silencing phone calls etc) as well as app and service features. Interactive garments can be developed for specific features and services, but Jacquard input can also be mapped to existing functionality, configured by the wearer. Using 3D weaving techniques Google created a process that allows for an interactive panel of any size to be placed anywhere on a textile. The interactive panel is composed of conductive fibers and standard electrical connectors that can be connected to tiny circuits that can be as small as a button on a jacket. Google is not manufacturing the garments, however Levi’s is its first official partner and while they are still early in the product design process, both brands are committed to working together to integrate Jacquard into one of the Levi's apparel lines in 2016.

Twitter: @Levis_UK / @LEVIS / @google

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