11 June 2015

New Beauty Product Launches

  • Cuticura - new Sensitive range, which utilises the brand's 150 years of developing the most gentle protection formula to date, free of both alcohol and fragrance. Products include: Sensitive Anti Bacterial Hand Gel (£1.49), Sensitive Anti Bacterial Hand Wipes (£1.29) and Sensitive Anti Bacterial Hand Foamer (£1.49). Also launched is the new TOTAL Advanced Defence Hand Gel (£1.49), clinically tested to kill more bacteria and viruses than the standard gel. Products are available in leading pharmacies and Sainsbury's nationwide. Click here for PR contact.
  • Green People Facial Sun Cream SPF30 (£14.95), a gentle yet effective natural and organic sunscreen that contains chamomile, marshmallow and vitamins A,C & E from avocado to soothe and soften the skin; a well as edelweiss, green tea and rosemary which work together to support the skin’s natural immune system, interrupt free radical damage and ultimately protect the living skin cells. The product is scent free and is suitable for all skin types, even those prone to eczema and skin allergies. Click here for PR contact.
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