21 July 2011

Beauty Speed PR event taking place
28 July from 4pm - 8pm

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The next Beauty Speed PR is taking place on 28 July in London - here are five reasons why journalists should attend Beauty Speed PR:

1. Make the most of the time spent out of the office – Beauty Speed PR allows journalists to be briefed, one-to-one, on all participating brands in one location at one time.

2. Flexible format - the format ensures that journalists can see all the participating brands in less than an hour, whilst being flexible enough to allow more time to be spent with brands of particular relevance.

3. One-to-one briefings on products - quite often by brand owners - ensures journalists can get all of the information required as well as a unique and personal insight into brands.

4. Discover new beauty brands - since the launch of Beauty Speed PR many emerging, unknown and niche brands have used the event to showcase their range and highlight their presence in the UK health & beauty market.

5. Beauty Media Information service – Beauty Speed PR attendance is also recommended for Beauty Assistants and Training Interns. The informal, yet structured briefings allow younger team members to gain experience and build confidence in one-to-one brand interaction whilst building their contact databases.

The next event is taking place 28 July at Mortons, 28 Berkeley Square, London W1J 6EN.
Participating brands include: Transformulas, Corina skincare, Heaven Bee Venom. Skin Secrets, DermaHA, Diva Styling Appliances.

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