25 August 2011

Raw Fairies introduce new Skin Food Delivery Programme

Raw Fairies is a London based luxury detox and diet delivery service, that launched in 2007, offering innovative raw organic cuisine. The brands co-founders (Cordon-bleu trained Chef Anya Ladra and nutrition therapist Christina Agnew) have developed the new Skin Food Delivery Programme. The 10-day programme delivers results to the skin’s appearance through a combination of nutrient-packed raw food meals, bespoke Skin Boosters, green juices and good fats. The meals and drinks (i.e. to include smoothies and nut shakes) incorporate ingredients including superfoods such as berries and sources of Vitamin A, E, Omega 3 fatty acids and fibre. The programme provides anti-oxidants and supports the detoxification and cleansing that leads to healthier skin.

The Skin Food Programme, priced at £405, runs from Monday to Friday across two weeks (with support for what to prepare at home on the weekends) and includes a comprehensive daily breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. More information about Raw Fairies, including areas open to delivery, can be found on the website.

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