29 November 2011

The creators of Nanoblur launch new product to the UK

Snoxin launches in the UK next year
Indeed Labs, the creator of Nanoblur, is launching Snoxin to the UK market next year. The company's second product is a multi-peptide serum that combats wrinkles, sagging skin and textural regularities, claiming to provide visible results within seven days. Non-greasy, fragrance free, and paraben free, Snoxin contains six next-generation anti-ageing peptides at their highest tolerable concentration. The formulas in the new product have been clinically tested by dermatologists and shown it to outperform most laser treatments and injections with fewer complications. Clinical trials have shown a reduction in the appearance of ageing, especially wrinkles, in as early as three days, while considerable improvement can continue for up to six months after use. Available from Boots from February 2012, Snoxin will be priced at £29.99 for 30ml.

Snoxin in 'beauty, fragrance, grooming & health'
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