30 March 2012

French beauty brand Russie Blanche launches in the UK

French spa brand Russie Blanche was launched in 2009 by former Storm model and the last Miss USSR, Julia Lemigova. Now launching in the UK at the K West spa in west London, the face and body range combines performance-led, active Russian plant ingredients, specialist plant actives known as ‘adaptogens’ to strengthen immunity and alleviate stress and fatigue. Siberian ginseng and golden root are used to increase the body’s resistance to stresses. None of the products contain parabens, phenoxyethanol, artificial colors, mineral oils, silicon or any animal raw materials.

K West’s signature Russie Blanche treatment will replicate a Russian Baniya Ritual. This begins by gradually increasing the warmth of the body within a sauna-type environment, before the ‘Baniya Besom’ is performed by the therapist using Venik (Russian Birch) branches soaked in therapeutic oils. The therapist taps the branches across the body to balance energy, stimulate circulation, ease muscle tension and remove toxins. The body is then put into freezing temperatures, where snow is scooped onto the body helping further detox and stimulate the circulation. The Russie Blanche Baniya Caviar Salt Scrub will deeply cleanse the body before choosing a massage to suit: Detox, Destress, HydraRose or Comfort. The products and spa treatments are offered at K West, Richmond Way, London W14 0AX

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