30 March 2012

Kerstin Florian launches Essentials Sun Care Collection

Beauty brand Kerstin Florian is introducing five new products to the new Essentials Sun Care Collection. Creators Kerstin and Charlene Florian introduced this sun protection range with the focus of using naturally based botanicals, ingredients and essences that are perfume free. Containing antioxidants and natural botanicals, key ingredients include shea butter, gingko biloba extract and echinacea extract to rejuvenate the skin and fight free radicals. Products within the range include Sun Protection SPF 30, Face Serum SPF 25, Lip Balm SPF 15, Sunless Tan and Aloe Gel. Prices range from £18 to £41 and the new Essentials Sun Care Collection will be available from mid-May, with the Sunless Tan launching this month from Kerstin Florian spas and online.

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