21 March 2012

Sue Moxley named as face of richibrown Organic NATOX

Sue Moxley has been announced as the face and contact for South African anti-ageing product richibrown Organic NATOX, which has just become available in the UK. Instead of using a chemically induced reaction, the new product uses electro-magnetic fields and high energy discharges to create resonating molecular crystals. These microscopic crystals give off a specific frequency that disrupts the synapse between the nerve ending and the muscle, resulting in a relaxation of facial lines. This chemical free alternative to botox is priced £89 for a bottle that last approximately four months and is available nationwide. Sue Moxley, who claims to have stopped using botox since using the richibrown Organic NATOX, comments: "I have tried many products over the years without any great changes to the skin this one really does make a difference."

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