26 April 2012

Artistry Creme LuXury Eye launching in June

Premium skincare brand Artistry has introduced it most advanced anti-ageing treatment for the delicate skin around the eyes. The Creme LuXury Eye features a rare ingredient called cardiolipin which helps to re-energise skin cells and eliminate the appearance of dark circles, sagging skin, fine lines, crow's feet and a crêpey texture. This ingredient has been blended with a trio of others to create a technology call CellEffect. Roxisomes and patented spinach extract help repair skin damaged by free radicals, while l-carnosine helps to energise skin cells from within. The Creme LuXury Eye, priced £107.40, will be available from 22 June. For more information visit the Amway website and for a complete list of stockists contact: 01908-629466.

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