19 April 2012

Astley Clarke unveils Diamond Jubilee jewellery collections

Online Designer Jeweller, Astley Clarke, has designed two new collections which celebrate the year of The Queen's Diamond Jubilee. The first, Astley Clarke Diamonds, takes its inspiration from the ‘Girls of Great Britain and Ireland Tiara’ which was given to Queen Mary on her wedding day in 1893. Queen Mary gave the piece to her granddaughter, the future Queen Elizabeth II, on her wedding day 54 years later. The Astley Clarke in-house design team have created a small collection of waved band rings in 18ct gold and diamonds that will each bear the commemorative Jubilee hallmark. These rings, priced between £1150 and £1750, will be available in May.

The Astley Clarke Biography Charms (pictured here) is a collection of charms taking inspiration from the British countryside, tradition and history. Designs include the ‘You Drive me Crazy’ miniature Car and ‘Summer of Love’ Boot charms, the ‘Nut King’ Squirrel charm as well as a Jubilee Tea Cup charm with diamond tea leaves. The charms, priced between £45 and £150, are launching tomorrow (20 April). Both new ranges will be available from the brand's website.

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