10 April 2012

Jo Fairley & Sarah Stacey launch new beauty blog

Jo Fairley and Sarah Stacey have just launched a new product-focused blog, Beauty Bible Loves, only featuring products which the Beauty Bible team rates highly (or their panels of testers do). In addition, Beauty Bible Loves will abide by embargoes to ensure that readers can get their hands on products, as they go on sale. The blog covers all price-points from supermarket to luxury brands, and the blogging team (Jo and Sarah, with contributions from executive assistant Amy Eason) brings over 45 years of industry experience to each review. In addition, the team continues to operate beautybible.com (with 75,000 active subscribers, principally in the UK/US), as well as updating The Green Beauty Bible (new edition 2013) and The Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible, their bestselling book, which is now also the focus of a special QVC show of its own.

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