22 March 2013

Radiance Cleanse unveils new juice cleanse system

Radiance Cleanse, the Soil Association certified organic juice cleanse company, has partnered with personal trainer Dalton Wong of Twenty Two Training, to introduce the first nutritional juice cleanse programme in the UK, specifically designed to accommodate an exercise regime. Launching on 8 April, the Active Cleanse addresses both nutrition and fitness needs. An organic and alkaline Radiance juice cleanse gives the digestive system a break while filling the body with revitalising nutrients, which has a positive effect on fitness levels with clients feeling stronger and more energetic than before. Dalton Wong has co-designed two unique programmes: one for clients nationwide to use alongside their existing exercise regime which is priced at £295, and one for London-based clients with access to Dalton’s team, priced £595.
www.radiancecleanse.com / @radiancecleanse

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