12 November 2013

Vauxhall collaborates with fashion stylist Katy England

British car manufacturer Vauxhall has commissioned leading fashion stylist Katy England to create a short film exploring British style and design. Katy England is a renowned fashion personality, having styled for Alexander McQueen for over 15 years and most recently styled the Tom Ford show at London Fashion Week in September. Titled ‘Made in England', the film captures a 24 hour window of life in Britain in 2013, with a driver in Vauxhall's new Ampera encountering four scenes that represent movements in British youth culture today. The collaboration comes as Vauxhall Motors celebrates its 110 year anniversary with a series of activities honouring the brand’s British heritage. Katy commented: “The film is also a celebration of youth and the Vauxhall Ampera is a catalyst to see this beautiful ideal. For as long as I can remember I have been just as interested in working with real people as I have with models. There is something intoxicating about working with real characters. This film was cast with real people, this is not an impression of British style and youth culture, this is the real thing.”

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