27 August 2014

Clairol to launch Clairol 5in1 haircare collection

Haircare brand Clairol has announced the launch of Clairol 5in1, a new family friendly haircare collection. Products offer five haircare benefits in tried and tested formulas with natural ingredients. The collection, suitable for all hair types and lengths, comprises six multi-benefit shampoos and three conditioners to offer an extra dose of lightweight moisture. Products are available in: Everyday Cleansing, a gently cleansing formula with camomile; Nourishment, full of nutrients to deeply nourish hair; and Shine, which smoothes hair and provides radiant shine with a formula containing honey. Additional shampoo varieties include: Moisture, made with aloe vera to moisturise the hair; Strength, containing ginseng to leave protected against combing damage; and Colour Vibrancy, containing henna to provide a subtle, colour vibrancy effect.

Launch date: September
Prices: £1.50 (200ml), £2.50 (400ml) & £4.99 (700ml)
Stockists: nationwide
Twitter: @PGUK / @ClairolColor

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