23 February 2015

Juice delivery brand Moroccan Cleanse launches

Moroccan Cleanse is a new UK-based juice cleanse company. Launched this month, the brand is founded by Laura Dupiol and is inspired by Moroccan Argan oil. Laura spent three years researching the health-giving and beauty enhancing properties of Argan oil and other equally beneficial ingredients used by her own grandmother. Offering detox and weight-loss programmes that can be taken over one or five days, with only water and herbal tea allowed, the Moroccan Cleanse programme consists of six cold-pressed, raw, unpasteurised juices and nut milks with no sugar added. Each juice cleanse comes with its own nutritional and health boosting ingredient such as carob powder, saffron, sesame oil and cactus powder. Prices start from £6.25 for an individual juice and £75 for a one cleanse. Additionally, the brand will soon be introducing a range of complementary Moroccan Cleanse Spa products.

Twitter: @moroccancleanse

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