25 February 2015

Sha Osei PR collaborates with MOONLOOK

Sha Osei PR has announced a collaboration with MOONLOOK, a developer and promoter of African fashion, ahead of its for forthcoming collaborative pop-up store. Taking place in May and running through to June, the pop-up will be located in the Paris district of Le Marais. Their aim, after a successful initial event at the end of 2014, is to showcase talent from Ghana, Nigeria, Cameron, Ethopia and so forth, with a view to connect with people who wish to experience, or have an affinity with Africa through fashion and design. The collaboration will enable designers to showcase their collections in Paris to press, buyers and the general public, as well as gaining coverage from bloggers with the Bloggers Booth. The development of the designers' brand identity, marketing advice (digitally and offline) sourcing materials and distribution will also be a focus through the Sha Osei PR consultancy division.

Twitter: @SHA_OSEI_PR_HQ / @MoonLookWorld

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