24 March 2015

PHAB (Performance in Hair and Beauty)
announces new launch

PHAB (Performance in Hair and Beauty) is an industry standard customer and care service for salons and salon professionals across haircare, skincare and nailcare. Founded by Nergish Wadia-Austin who has over 35 years experience of beauty and hair management from across the globe, PHAB aims to rise industry standards and allows consumers to make informed choices when selecting hair and beauty professionals with the help of the brand new PHAB Directory. Beauty therapists, hair stylists and salons who feature within the Directory have undergone a rigorous qualification process and must pass the PHAB standard and criteria which includes experience, high performance ratings and customer testimonials. There are currently approximately 70 professionals listed within the PHAB Directory which include London hair stylists Andrew Barton, Jamie Stevens, Paul Percival, Adam Reed as well as Lizzy Rose Ellwood (Essex), Karen Hyam (St Albans) and beauty therapist Carrie Kerrigan who resides at The Dorchester Spa in London.

Twitter: @PHABStandard

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